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Dialight Housed Through-Hole Circuit Board Indicator Overview

Dialight 594 Mini Prism® Surface Mount LED

Dialight 657 Series Bi and Tri Color
Panel Mount Indicators

Minimizing Mixed Technology on PCBs with PRISM® LED Indicators.

Dialight LED Panel Mount Indicator Overview

Dialight 596 Mini Prism® Surface Mount LED

Dialight 559 Series Rectangular LED Panel Mount Indicator

LED Indicator solutions for systems with voltage fluctuations.

Dialight 658 Series, 1" Watertight, Bi- and Tri-Color Panel Mount Indicators

Dialight 515 Series XY Variable Optopipe® Light Pipes

Dialight Stainless Steel Heavy-Duty LED Panel Mount Indicators

White Paper

front page of white paper on ESD impact on LEDs.

ESD Impact On LEDs

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Success Stories

Commercial HVAC system utilizes 610 Series Panel Mount Indicator.

Electric vehicle charging station with 657 LED panel mount indicators.

Health indicator on network card with a quad level, high density light pipe.

Video Encoder with Optopipe® Light Pipe for 3 level indication. 

Industrial vision system with 594 Prism® surface mount indicators.

GPS vehicle tracking device with vertical 515 series  Optopipe® light pipes.

Motorcycle Airbag Vest with Tri-Color, 0606 Package SMD LED

Fire suppression system with 656 Panel Mount Indicator.

Audio Receiver  with 515 PCB mounted vertical light pipes and 597 SMD LED.

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