Reverse Mount 515 Series Optopipe Light Pipes

Light Pipes For Installation
From The Rear of The Panel

515 Series Optopipe® Reverse Mount LED Light Pipes

Reverse Mount, vertical LED light pipes.

This vertical, panel mount light pipe series installs via pres fit from the rear of the panel for design situations with no access to the front of the enclosure. They are desigend for applciations in which the circuit board sits parallell to the panel requiring indication.


These light pipes have a 3 mm diameter output and are available with flat water clear, domed diffused, and domed water clear lens styles. The flat lens style can be used for applications where flush mounting or backlighting is desired. The domed versions are optimized for direct view with the lens protruding through the front panel.


They come in several standard pipe lengths ranging from 0.100" (2.5 mm) to 1" (25.4 mm). Length customization is available within the given range.


These light pipes are designed to operate with single- and multi-color SMD LEDs.


• 3mm lens sizes.
• Three different Lens Styles

  ▫ Flat, water clear

  ▫ Domed, diffused
  ▫ Domed, water clear
• Crush-rib design offers a simple and secure installtion from the rear of the panel.

• Compatible with most SMD LEDs
• Material: water-clear polycarbonate, UL94-V0, UV stabilized, Halogen-free
• ROHS compliant

Standard Lengths for domed lens light pipes:

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Standard Lengths for flat lens light pipes:

• 0.100" (2,50mm)

• 0.125" (3,20mm)
• 0.188" (4,77mm)
• 0.250" (6,35mm)
• 0.313" (7,95mm)

• 0.350" (8,9mm)

• 0.375" (9,53mm)
• 0.500" (12,70mm)
• 0.625" (15,9mm)
• 0.750" (19mm)
• 0.830" (21,1mm)
• 1.000" (25,4mm)