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Dialight provides the widest selection of industry-leading LED panel mount indicators for any application or industry. Our indicators feature cutting-edge LED technology and are housed in rugged tamper-proof metal or plastic enclosures, ensuring unmatched durability and performance. Dialight's LED panel mount indicators deliver superior visibility and reliability, whether for industrial, commercial, or specialized applications.

Why Choose Dialight LED Panel Mount Indicators?

• Industry Leading LED Technology: Incorporates the latest LED innovations for superior visibility and lifetime.

• Unmatched Durability: Our indicators are housed in rugged tamper-proof metal or plastic enclosures, built to last with precision and quality.

• Versatile Mounting Options: Available in a range of mounting hole sizes from 0.156" to 1.18" (3.9mm to 30mm), including secure snap-in plastic or lock washer and nut metal housings.

• Wide Voltage Range: Supports operating voltages from 2-72 VDC and 125 to 230 VAC. Additionally, our variable voltage options cover ranges as large as 6-60VDC, enabling SKU reduction by allowing you to stock one versatile part.

• Durability and Resilience: Select models are watertight to NEMA 4X/IP66/67 standards, daylight viewable, and have C1D2 ratings.

- Certification and Compliance: UL certified 556 & 656 series; RoHS compliant.

• Extensive Variety: Includes multiple series (249, 507, 556-559, 605-612, 620-623, 630, 653-658, and 675-682) with various lens styles, colors, and terminations.

Dialight's Energy-Efficient Based LED Bulbs are designed as direct replacements for traditional incandescent bulbs, offering longer lifetime and energy savings. These bulbs come in a variety of form factors including pin-based, wedge base, bi-pin, bayonet, and telephone slide.


Features and Benefits:

• Energy Efficiency: Durable, long-lasting LEDs reduce energy consumption.

• Versatile Base Styles: Compatible with T 1 3/4 Midget Flange, Wedge Base, Bi-Pin, T 3 1/4 Mini-Bayonet, Mini-Screw, T2 Telephone Slide, and 15mm Bayonet fixtures.

• Wide Voltage Range: Operates at 6, 14, and 28 VDC with options for 6-36 VDC multi-voltage and 125 VAC non-polarized versions.

• Color Options: Available in red, green, yellow, blue, and white.

Dialight provides military-grade relampable indicators for mission-critical applications such as aircraft, ground vehicles, and shipboard systems. These indicators meet stringent military standards and offer features like press-to-test, dimmable lighting, and water-tight construction. As an approved manufacturer for the United States Military, we embody world-class manufacturing processes. The very same indicator lights that served the military back then are still in production today, ensuring an unmatched level of quality in today's fast-paced world.


Features and Benefits:

• Military Grade: Compliant with MIL-spec and QPL listed, suitable for demanding environments.


• Versatile Mounting: Available in 15/32”, 11/16”, and 1” clearance holes with options for incandescent or neon lighting.


• Durability and Functionality: Features include water-tight and oil-tight construction, edge lighting, press-to-test, and dimmable semi or total blackout.


Commercial Options: UL-recognized incandescent or neon indicators for various applications with a variety of lens styles.

Explore Dialight's comprehensive range of reliable and high-performance panel mount indicators and based LED bulbs, designed to enhance your systems' reliability, efficiency, and safety across all industries and applications.