Dialight is a leading supplier for the market, offering a variety of products for track signalling and rail car applications. Our wayside retrofit modules allow older systems to be upgraded to LEDs without having to replace existing housings or lenses. For highway grade crossing signals, Dialight offers a low in-rush current, ensuring a longer life to your relay contacts. We offer rail car marker lights and a variety of rail car voltage panel mount indicators.

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Product Categories

Track Signals

Dialight has been the leading supplier of LED wayside retrofit modules and rail crossing lights for over 20 years. Learn more about Dialight’s full array of high reliability rail products.

  • Wayside Signal LED modules
  • Rail Crossing Lights
  • Track Signal Lights
  • Track Position Lights
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Rolling Stock LED Products

Dialight offers Rail specific voltage products including rugged rail indicators and long lasting rail car marker lights.

  • Rail Car Marker Light - 24-90 VDC
  • Rail Voltage Panel Indicators: 0.5" & 1" MH
  • Track Signal Lights
  • Track Position Lights
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