Dialight Optopipe® Light Pipes

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Why Light Pipes?

Optopipe® light pipes offer a versatile answer to your front-panel indication requirements. Available in various configurations and lens options, they cater to the specific needs of your application, even after the completion of mechanical and panel design layouts.


Dialight offers the largest variety of industry-tested and commercially proven light pipes in the market. Single and multi-level/array, vertical and right angle versions, board and panel mounted. Standard and customizable. Designed for maximum optical efficiencies and supported by our large offering SMT LEDs, they provide the end-user with a high-level of design flexibility when it comes to finding the ideal indication solution.


Light-pipes provide front-panel indication where:

   • Traditional indicators are too large or other space constraints exist.

   • Indication is required over, around, or beneath front-panel components.

   • EMI/RFI concerns require location of the light source away from
     the front-panel.

   • Indication is desired after all mechanical design considerations
     were made.

Features & Benefits of Optopipe® Light Pipes

Design Flexibility
• LED light pipes are available in numerous configurations and styles to accommodate
even the most challenging indication needs.

• Easy installation on a PCB or in a panel.

• Light pipes can be used with surfacemount or through hole LEDs.

• They offer a degree of customization. X/Y variable and vertical light pipes offer the
most customization options for height and length dimensions.

Cost Savings
• Light Pipes are generally more costefficient than alternative indicator
• They eliminate the need for costly PCB or panel layout redesigns.

• Light Pipes provide unvarying indicator illumination across different heights and
lengths of the pipe.

• Shielded light pipes efficiently eliminate light bleed and optical cross-talk.
• Molded from RoHS compliant UL94-V0 Water Clear Polycarbonate with an oxygen
index of 35%


Dialight’s design engineers will recommend the best LED for use with each
light pipe.

Typical Areas of Application For Optopipe® Light Pipes

• Data center Infrastructure
• Servers - rack mount; blade; tower
• Storage – high-performance storage subsystems for high-end enterprise
• Networking equipment for enterprise datacenters and telecom communication centers
• Switches, routers, and network control equipment interconnected using fiber optic
  and high speed wiring
• Storage networking hardware
• Fiber channel host bus adapter cards (HBAs); converged network adapter cards
  (CNAs);\ISCSi adapter cards; InfiniBand adapter cards
• Next-Gen wireless
• Wireless infrastructure
• Electronic test and measurement instruments
• Communications testing equipment
• Process controls
• Automation
• Medical
• Handheld devices

Optopipe® light pipes provide design engineers with the desired performance, design flexibility, and cost savings, consolidating these features into a single visual status indicator product.