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Bring Your Lighting to the Next Level with Dialight Optics

Dialight offers a wide variety of industry-leading optics to take your LED lighting performance to new heights. Our total internal reflection (TIR) optics, lenses, and metalized reflectors are expertly engineered for maximum efficiency, accuracy, and light control.

Unmatched Optical Precision

Our TIR optics leverage the physics of internal reflection to direct light with minimal loss. Available in a range of beam angles from narrow spot to wide flood, our optics shape and distribute light precisely where you need it.


Key optics series:

• TIR Optics - 21.3mm and 35mm round TIR optics in various beam angles

• Lens Optics - Square and rectangular optics for unique beam patterns

• Metalized Reflectors – Open top reflector cups with precision vacuum metallization

Designed for Easy LED Pairing

We've optimized our optics to pair perfectly with high-power LEDs commonly used for lighting projects. Our optics shape and direct light from LEDs like:


• Cree XPE, XPE2, XP-G2, XP-G3, XPL-DH

• Nichia NVSL219C

• Samsung LH351B


Check our spec sheets for full-width half-max (FWHM) measurements for each optic and LED combination.

Superior Optical Materials

Our optics utilize premium optical grade materials like polycarbonate and PMMA for maximum light transmission and durability. Materials are UL rated for safety and reliability.

The Complete Package

Our optics come ready to install with tape for easy mounting. Or choose our optics pre-installed in holders for a complete assembly.

Enhance Your Lighting Today

Elevate your lighting with precision optics from Dialight. Contact us to discuss how our optics can help you achieve your lighting goals.