Success Story - Video Encoder with Optopipe® Light Pipe


Video Encoder

Video Encoder/Decoder with 3 position 515 Series Optopipe® light pipe.


A manufacturer of digital video encoders. 


The customer needed a tri-level indication on the front panel of their next-generation video encoder. 

Dialight engineers were involved early on at the design stage and provided technical guidance to find the proper indication solution for the customer's application.

Ultimately a modified standard, tri-level Optopipe® light pipe that perfectly met the application requirements for form, fit, and function was proposed and accepted.

Dialight was chosen over highly cost-competitive alternate sources, due to our high-level of technical expertise, sales support, and proven product quality. 



515 Series - 2.5mm, Tri-Level Optopipe® Light Pipe


"We chose Dialight because we know we can rely on their products, plus their technical know-how and product support are second to none."

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