Success Story - Vision System with 594 Prism Indicator


Vision System

Vision system camera with 594 PRISM® surface mount circuit board indicator.


Manufacturer of industrial vision systems. 


The customer had previous experience with Dialight’s 591 PRISM indicators.

Needed a similar indicator, but with a smaller lens diameter and smaller board footprint due to the smaller size of their next-generation vision system camera.


Dialight provided samples of 594 PRISM indicators, which met the customer’s requirements for a smaller lens diameter and smaller board footprint, which left ample space for neighboring components while not sacrificing proper indication requirements. 


594 PRISM® Surface Mount, Right Angle Indicator
with 1.6mm Lens Diameter 


"The 594 Prism is exactly what we are looking for in this more compact application. It provides the space and indication needs that are required.

The additional cost savings over comparable solutions made Dialight again the easy choice."  

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