Dialight surface mount (SMD) right angle circuit board indicators

PRISM® Series Surface Mount CBIs

Prism® Series Surface Mount LED Indicators

What are PRISM® Circuit Board Indicators?

PRISM® Circuit Board Indicators combine the benefits and aesthetics of surface mount LEDs and shielded light pipes. They are the industry’s only SMD indicator series designed to survive 260°C peak reflow temperature and provide the visual appeal of a diffused lens for enhanced viewing. 


Ideal for limited-space applications and board-edge mounting, the Prism® Series is available in a variety of package sizes including single-level, bi-level, and tri-level configuration and in 1.6mm, 2mm and 3mm lens sizes.


The integral light pipes used in Prism® SMD LEDs are engineered for maximum light transmission and minimal light bleed while the diffused lens is also ideal for bicolor and tricolor applications where color-mixing is desired.  

Dialight PRISM® Series SMD circuit board indicators

Benefits of PRISM® Circuit Board Indicators

• Uniform, and space-saving footprint

• Ease of installation (pick and place)

• Enhanced optical performance

• Enhaced contrast ratio for better clarity 

• Large selection of single-, bi-, and tri-color


• Reflow ready at 260°C max


• Single-,  bi-, and tri-level options

• 1.6mm, 2mm, and 3mm lens sizes

• 2mA low current options

• Housing meets UL-94V-0 flammability ratings

• Tape and Reel packaging

• RoHs compliant

PRISM® Series Overview

591 Series

Dialight 591 Series PRISM® SMD indicators with 3mm lens size.


Square and round lens.

Single-, bi- and tri-colors.

592 Series

Dialight 592 Series PRISM® Bi-Level SMD indicators with 3mm lens size.



Single-, bi- and tri-colors.

593 Series

Dialight 593 Series PRISM® SMD tri-level indicators with 3mm lens size.



Single-, bi- and tri-colors.

594 Series

Dialight 594 Series PRISM® SMD indicators with 1.6mm lens size.


Single colors


595 Series

Dialight 595 Series PRISM® SMD indicators with 2mm lens size. Designed for backlighting applications.


Single colors


596 Series

Dialight 594 Series PRISM® Bi-Level SMD indicators with 1.6mm lens size.



Single and Bi-colors

New 594 & 596 Series Prism® Right Angle SMD LED Indicators

Save cost and board space with our latest releases, two different compact versions of our popular Prism right angle indicators. All of the benefits of its larger predecessors, but in a much smaller footprint, lower height, and lower price point. Available in a variety of single colors, and in either single (594) or bi-level (596) configuration.  The entire indicator, lens, housing and LED, is RoHS SMT Reflow process compatible and comes on a tape and reel for the efficiency of picking and placing. This product is in stock and available for purchase today.

Great Things Come in Small Packages.

General Areas of Application for PRISM® SMD Circuit Board Indicators

Application examples for Dialight PRISM® series SMD circuit board indicators.

▶ Data Center Infrastructure
• Servers - rack mount; blade; tower
• Storage: high-performance storage subsystems

  for high-end enterprise
• Storage networking hardware
• Switches, routers, and network control

  equipment interconnected using fiber optic

  and high-speed wiring
• Fiber channel host bus adapter cards (HBAs);

  converged network adapter cards (CNAs);

  ISCSi adapter cards; InfiniBand adapter cards

▶ Telecommunication
▶ Next-Gen wireless
▶ Wireless infrastructure
▶ Electronic test and measurement instruments
▶ Communications testing equipment
▶ Process controls
▶ Automation
▶ Medical
▶ Handheld devices
▶ Battery-powered applications (2mA version)

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