The Latest Innovation in Light Pipe Design

New variable X/Y Optopipe® Light Pipe by Dialight.



Optopipe® light pipes have never been more accommodating. This new 3mm right angle light pipe with barrier comes standard in 6 different heights and 4 different lengths and can also be customized to the specific height and length requirements of your application.

The customizable height size range is 0.2” (5.08mm) - 0.5” (12.7mm) with standards available in 0.2” (5.08mm), 0.25” (6.35mm), 0.3” (7.62mm), 0.35” (8.89mm), 0.4” (10.16mm), and 0.5” (12.7mm) heights. The length size range is customizable from 0.319” (8.1mm) – 1.772” (45mm) and comes in standard lengths of .319” (8.1mm), .590” (15mm), 1.181” (30mm), 1.772” (45mm)”.


In order to provide optimal light transmittance and prevent unwanted light-bleed the light pipe is enclosed in a housing that provides a barrier between adjacent light pipes or other indicators, effectively eliminating optical crosstalk. Additionally, the housing features mounting pins for easy and secure surface mounting over the LED.

For maximum efficiency, the variable X/Y Optopipe® light pipe is designed for Dialight’s PLCC LEDs.