598 SMD LED PLCC-4 Domed Lens 30 degree Green 13" Reel

  • Specifications

    Certifications RoHS
    Status Active
    Package PLCC-4
    Dimension (mm): Length 3.2
    Dimension (mm): Width 2.8
    Dimension (mm): Height 3.5
    Mounting Orientation Top
    Output Single Color
    Emitted Color Green
    Die 1 InGaN
    Lens Color Non-Tinted, Non-Diffused
    Packaging Option 13" Reel
    Quantity (per reel/sample) 2000
    Viewing Angle 30
    Test Current 50 mA
    Dominant Wavelength (nm) COLOR 1 Typ 520
    Intensity (mcd) COLOR 1 Typ 25000
    Forward Voltage (vdc) - Typ 3.2
    Forward Voltage (vdc) - Max 3.5
    Thermal Resistance (°C/W) 180
    Reverse Current Intensity (uA) 10
    Power Dissipation (mW) COLOR 1 210
    Continuous Forward Current (mA) 60
    Peak Forward Current (mA) 100
    Electrostatic Discharge (HBM) (V) COLOR 1 2000
    Junction Temp (°C) 120
    Derating mA/°C 0.8
    Reverse Voltage (V) 5
    Operating Temperature Max +100°C (+212°F)
    Operating Temperature -40°C to +100°C (-40F to +212°F)
    Storage Temperature -40°C to +100°C (-40F to +212°F)
    Solder Max Time/Temp °C 10 sec @ 260 °C
  • C-Drawing C18617.pdf
    3D STP File 3528-PLCC.STEP
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