515 Series Optopipe® X/Y Variable Light Pipes

The Latest Innovation in Light Pipe Design

New variable X/Y 515 Series Optopipe® Light Pipe by Dialight.

Dialight's new innovative 3mm light pipe series, is available in various length and height dimensions.

This housed light pipe is available in several standard dimensions offering a greater level of design flexibility for both new and redesigns. Specific custom lengths and heights, within a range, are available for a NRE fee.­

Design Advantages

 • Same board footprint across various heights and lengths.

 • Easy & Secure Installation via mounting pins on the housing.

 • Cost and Time Savings due to simplified board redesign. 

 • High Optical Output - due to housing encapsulating light.

 • No optical crosstalk, No light bleed

 • Offers a high level of ESD protection

In order to provide optimal light transmittance and prevent unwanted light-bleed the light pipe is enclosed in a housing that provides a barrier between adjacent light pipes or other indicators, effectively eliminating optical crosstalk. Additionally, the housing features mounting pins for easy and secure surface mounting over the LED.

X/Y 515 Series Optopipe® Light Pipe Features

Standard Lengths: 

 • .319” (8.1mm)

 • .590” (15mm)

 •  1.181” (30mm)

 •  1.772” (45mm)




Customizable Length Range:

 • 0.319” (8.1mm) to 1.772” (45mm)

Standard Heights:

 • 0.2” (5.08mm)

 •  0.25” (6.35mm)

 •  0.3” (7.62mm)

 •  0.35” (8.89mm)

 •  0.4” (10.16mm)

 •  0.5” (12.7mm)


Customizable Height Range:

 • 0.2” (5.08mm) to 0.5” (12.7mm)

Customization options for 515 Series XY variable Optopipe® light pipes.

If you are interested in a customized X/Y variable light pipe solution, please fill out the customization form. Start by clicking the button below. 

• Enclosed in housing featuring mounting pins. 

• Designed for SMD LEDs:

   - Single Color: 597-3XXX-207F/NF, 598-8BX0-107F

   - BI-Color: 597-77XX-207F,007F

   - TRI-Color: 597-77XX-007F,907F

Bi-Level Indication via 2-Part Stacking Option 

For bi-level indication needs, two variable height and lenght light pipes can be stacked behind each other.

For bottom-level indication use Part#: 515-1250-0319.

For top-level indication Part#: 515-1254-0839 or 515-1255-0839 can be used depending on the desired distance between the top of the PCB and the centerline of the lens. Please view the Datasheet for more detailed specifications.  

The new variable X/Y 515 Series Optopipe® Light Pipe Series provides engineers with design advantages and an unparalleled level of design flexibility for both new and redesigns.  They offer time and cost savings; while providing a high optical output, which is essential to having a crisp and clearly visible light indication on any given application.