515 Optopipe® Light Pipe, Single 3 x 5.5mm Rect Convex Diff Lens, Press-fit

  • Specifications

    Series 515
    Certifications RoHS
    Status Active
    Light Pipe Material Rigid
    Mounting Type PCB Mount
    Viewing Direction from PCB Right Angle
    Lens Shape Rectangular
    Lens Dimension HxW - inch(mm) 0.118" (3mm) x 0.216" (5.49mm)
    Mounting Method Press-fit
    Lens Optics Convex
    Lens Finish Diffused
    Levels Single Level
    Arrays Single
    Light Shield No Shield
    PCB to centerline of lens - inch(mm) 0.125" (3.175mm)
    Pitch btw adjacent LPs - inch(mm) 0.650" (16.510mm)
    Overall length - inch(mm) 0.719" (18.263mm)
    Overall width - inch(mm) 1.056" (26.82mm)
    Overall height from PCB - inch(mm) 0.245" (6.223mm)
    Minimum Panel Thickness - inch(mm) 0.060" (1.52mm)
    Mounting Pin Size .230" +/-.005 x .130"+/-.005
    Mounting Pin Pitch 0.420" +/-.003 (10.668mm +/-.076)
    Operating Temperature -30°C to +100°C (-22°F to +212°F)
    Storage Temperature -30°C to +100°C (-22°F to +212°F)
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