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Dialight has LED solutions for both the interior and exterior of the rail car. The P46 series is a direct replacement for the 5 ½ “ PAR46 style red rear maker lamp. The 556 series indicators are provided with housings designed for exterior door indicators or by themselves they can be used as interior indicators for a variety of applications.
The simplicity of installation has made the Dialight LED modules for 5 1/4” transit and 8 3/8” class1 railroad wayside signals the industry preferred choice. The use of high-flux LEDs in our unique design enables the retrofit of the incandescent lamps without the replacement of the existing housing or lenses. The offering includes replacement lamps for track position signals and bar and triangle signals for light rail applications.
Dialight introduces the DuroSite® Series E26 LED Lamp as a robust replacement for halogen, incandescent and compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs in rugged transit applications. Easy to install into a standard E26 socket, Dialight’s DuroSite E26 LED Lamp is designed for rugged applications demanding long-life, resistant to shock and vibration and has exceptional fixture reliability.